Meet Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar is one of the most popular islands in Croatia. An island with beautiful flowers, lovely vineyards, amazing beaches with hidden coves, exquisite restaurants, shops and an energetic nightlife among the old streets of Hvar are only some of the pleasures to experience on this wonderful island. During the season, it is very busy on the island. Before, it was not very expensive, because it did not have a very well developed tourist infrastructure. However, nowadays it is becoming more and more luxurious as expensive hotels are being built and many people visit this beautiful island.

Getting to the island

There are no problems getting to the island. Numerous catamarans and ferries are sailing to Hvar several times a day during the season. You can even rent a taxi boat from Split. When you get to the island, if you did not come with your car, don’t rent a taxi, wait for the bus. Buses drive regularly here, and taxis are very expensive, so be patient. You can rent a car for a day, it will be cheaper than paying for the taxi and you can drive around the island and experience everything.

When you go sightseeing, you must visit the town square in Hvar. This is one of the most amazing and biggest squares in the country. Then, there is the cathedral of St. Stephen from the 16th century or Grapčeva špilja, an archeological site from the Neolithic. The town of Hvar is probably the most impressive town on the whole island. However, Stari Grad and Jelsa are also worth seeing. For your enjoyment, go to archipelago called Pakleni where you can take pleasure in hidden sandy beaches, trails for hikers and beautiful pine groves. In general, Hvar is an island with crystal-clear waters, lots of fresh air, green nature and abundance of old stones. It is also interesting to rent a boat and explore the nearby islands. You can go and have a nice picnic with your loved ones and enjoy the tranquility of the blue sea. There is a large number of pebbly beaches suitable for windsurfing and diving.

What to do on Hvar Island?

Basically, there are many activities available on Hvar – cycling, hiking, or numerous sports activities on the beach. For those who enjoy the nightlife, try dancing at the most popular club, Carpe Diem. It offers famous DJs with unforgettable nights of great music and dancing on house music. The restaurants and cafes are a must. Of course, the wisest choice is to eat sea food and to drink cold cocktails with a great view over the bay. Southern coast offers divine views of the nearby islands and really great dining experiences. Hvar is very famous for its lavender fields that make you feel like you are back on Hvar when you take the lavender home. To sum it all, Hvar is maybe the number one spot to go on the Adriatic Sea. It is perhaps the most luxurious place, definitely the sunniest, and in the top three most popular tourist destinations in the country. The town of Hvar is the representative of this luxurious life with classy hotels, nice restaurants, popular clubs and bars and a general feeling that this really is the place to be. The streets of the Hvar town are made for visitors who want to see what life is all about.

Rich architecture, sunshine and quiet evenings

For those not wishing to be seen are a little more subtle places like Jelsa and Stari Grad, where you can see the rich architecture and enjoy the quiet evenings. Anyway, when you come to Hvar, no matter where on the island, there is always sunshine. You can count on it even in winter, and it is the thing that makes this island exceptionally appealing to visitors from all over the country and the world. So, come and see what all the fuss is about and stay enchanted with this amazing jewel.